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Craig M. Renwick

Craig M. Renwick is a Canadian-American author and published photographer living in South Pasadena, California. 

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My Story

I can tell you truthfully and honestly, that I was not raised by a band of gypsies in the forests of Romania, nor did I attend any prestigious scholastic institutions unless you count the (uncredited) Pratt School of Cooking.  I did not attend Juilliard but I do like reading Jules Verne.  And, most definitely, I was not the lead singer and drummer for that infamous Polka rock band, "The Cuddly Puppies".  


Instead, as a baby, I literally fell into one of the funniest families (the Murrays of Merritton) in the Niagara Peninsula.  Better known as St. Catharines, Ontario, or if you are really versed in the territorial aspects of the region…Merritton.  Whatever you do, don’t mention the Battle of Slabtown to older Merritton residents.  They instilled in me a love of life, that laughter was an essential part of your daily diet and you can both laugh and cry in the same 5 minutes.  That’s life.


Anyway, I grew up in Southern Ontario (eh) with a weekly obsession with movies at the Palace Theatre.  My very kind and enabling cousin Deb, who lived next door, would accompany me in the early days and ride the #4 bus to watch Hammer Horror Films, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Musicals, etc. It didn’t matter really as long as it was on the big screen in the dark and a bucket of warm popcorn.


As I grew older I shook off the cloak of shyness and acted in many school productions, making Super 8 movies, later some Shakespeare, and then to Toronto for Film & TV work.  But out of all of these things, my most favorite thing is to create worlds with words.  My scripted stories are diverse, yet all engage and entertain…(at least according to the readers I have been blessed to have who tell me the truth.)  


I hope you reading this will take a leap of faith and click away at the creatively designed icons and read the Pilot Scripts or read the One Page Pitch sheets.  These, of course, will eventually expand into full scripts after my rehearsals with the Cuddly Puppies…oops!


But most of all have fun, don’t be afraid, and open the door of this wacky Canadian writer. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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